Spoka by Arkadin
A communication tool that meets the requirements of tomorrow's small and medium-sized businesses

Understanding the fundamental differences between SMBs and large companies to offer them a dedicated solution.

The behaviours, needs, expectations, objectives of this type of companies, which are by nature more agile, influence their ability to select their tools and in particular their communication solutions.

The opportunity: the growing SMB market

Arkadin, an international provider of collaboration solutions, approached us to co-design a product dedicated to customers they consider under-represented in their portfolio: SMBs.

And yet in recent years the number of SMBs has exploded. In the United States, the number of SMBs is projected to have increased by 42% between 2016 and 2020. From entrepreneurs to freelancers, co-working to working mobility.

Price, flexibility, ease of use

Who are the key communication players today?

From videoconferencing to chat, via telephony, we have mapped international players according to several criteria: services offered, target, price, ergonomics, personalization and customer service.

We’ve helped build a product that picks up the strengths of its competitors and rectifies their weaknesses while offering real differentiators.

Value Proposition Canvas :
the final user at the centre of the strategy

To further explore the needs of SMBs according to their sectors and industries.

What are the different types of small businesses? What are their specific needs according to their field?

Interface propositions

Desktop / Mobile

Design system

User tests

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