We envision meaningful touch points across a wide range of industries, from aviation to healthcare.

Discover how we helped our partners enhance people’s routines.

Thales Cockpit 2020

Imagine the cockpit of the future

Renault EZ-GO

Both a vehicle and a service, a part of the Smart City ecosystem

Franfinance Flashlease

Digital platform that transforms the financial requests
ECM workflow

Neoledge New generation ECM application

Imagine a new generation of ECM application

Bic Education

Inventing the Velleda whiteboard of the future

Pharmagest pharmacy experience

Pharmacies of the future

Spoka by Arkadin

IP Telephony and Video Conferencing for Small and Junior Companies

Xerox Rialto 900

Optimize industrial printing supervision

Paris City Hall Digital transformation

Improve support for social assistance

Mooltitunes Connected object

Connected object

Metrolab Optimet

A digital companion for multimodal transport

Arkadin Vision Video conference

Virtual meeting space for audio, web or video

Suez Responsible connected object

Responsible connected object

SPIE Mont Blanc motorways and tunnel

Tool for supervising and operating a motorway network

Axigate Hospital’s Information System

An HIS (hospital information system) designed for users

XXE Platform for digital freelancers

The platform for digital freelancers


The first UX project management tool

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