2019 UI trends

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Mid way into the year, we attempted the delicate exercise of predicting graphic trends that will mark the next semester. Although for 2019 the underlying trend remains the product’s ethic and context understanding, let’s see together what the future user interfaces should look like for the coming months. It is also important to remember that these trends must be applied in a way that best serves the user. At the agency, we like to observe website proposals that allow a bigger creative freedom, in order to identify graphical trends that we could re-integrate into our app designs.

Typography more prominent than ever

Typographies are becoming bigger and bigger! More impressive than ever, they deliver messages and strengthen graphic charts at the same time. Thanks to advanced CSS properties and Javascript, many possibilities are emerging — we are seeing beautiful new graphical interfaces entirely based on typography.








Unstructured grids

This is the falsely uncontrolled beauty trend. It is expressed by atypical and unstructured layouts and does not follow any rule concerning colors and grids. This trend contradicts the minimalist mass and the “too clean” interfaces that we have seen these past years. These out-of-the-ordinary layouts give rise to interesting and memorable experiences.








The modern vintage

2019 is the year of contradictions. Besides super-modern looks and 3D illustrations, we also see that old-school style inspired by all types of illustrations from the 70s to the 90s. Pop color ranges and rich typographies bring us a touch of fresh air and it feels good.








Energetic illustrations

We know that fashion is cyclical. After years of flat artwork, designers no longer hesitate to add depth and substance to their creations. These illustrations are increasingly used to explain concepts or activate the user’s imagination, whatever the target is.








Hero menus

A website or any digital product’s navigation is one of the most difficult elements to design. New concepts are constantly appearing. And in 2019 we are seeing these immersive menus everywhere adding comfort for users. In addition, this kind of pages allows to have an opportunity to affirm even more the graphic identity — it is a free space for creativity.








Animations and micro interactions

Increasingly more expressive, we know how much animations can improve the user experience, but they can also be used for simple games to retain the user and encourage him to navigate further within the site/app. 2019 is also the advent of mobile animation, all thanks to advances in web technology.









Imane Bahouss — UI Designer / Interface Designer @Use Design

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