The humans behind the agency

Passionate about archeology -- talk to him about treasures, maps and metal hunt. He says he’s not much of a fan of Japanese food, but we wonder why there’s always sushi on his plate for lunch.
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UI/UX Designer

Parisian a day, Parisian always! Nevertheless, her heart still holds a special place for the Périgord. Florine enjoys laughing, observing and understanding her surrounding.
Her asset? psychology and ergonomics ! Her strength? A gift for mimes and pilates ! 🌳🧘🍗


UX Designer

A biker since he was 6 years old. One foot in the US, the other in Singapore. If you’re looking for some “franglish” classes, he’s the one to look for. Curious and a specialist in iteration, Jerome questions himself about any subject, always with Mexican food and a good beer.🏍🌉✈️


UX/UI Designer

An architecture lover. His masterpiece is Use Design. He’s led so many different projects over the years that you can talk to him about any possible subject. Especially if it’s over the sound of jazz.
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An old school punk rocker. When he’s not performing with his band Plomb, you'll find him playing around with framer.js and creating neat prototypes.
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UX/UI Designer

French psychoanalysis meets Japanese strategy. You’ll always find a board beside him. Longboards for fun. Paperboards for workshops. Bring him some post-its and he’ll teach you some (mind) tricks.
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Associate Director

    Dites-nous qui vous êtes et ce qui vous ferait plaisir. Pensez à nous laisser un email et/ou un numéro de téléphone, comme vous préférez, et on vous recontacte rapidement 😉