7 facts that unleash the power of personas and user stories [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 facts that unleash the power of personas and user stories [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 facts that unleash the power of personas and user stories [INFOGRAPHIC] 1199 472 Use Design

Personas and user stories are the subject of constant debates among UX and product designers. We believe they can be very powerful tools if used correctly.

Here are a few facts to reinforce that:

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7 facts that unleash the power of personas and user stories

1 – Personas may improve design performance by up to 3.8x *

Making good use of personas in UX encourages designers to craft end products that are more usable and user-centered.

2 – Personas facilitate teamwork *

With effective personas, teams communicate better and avoid biased decisions. It’s a great way to involve team members who didn’t participate in the entire research process.

3 – Up-to-date personas are on average 30% more effective *

Personas are more impactful when revised regularly. This is the result of pro-active user research.

4 – Personas ensure products have a purpose

Design teams who do not incorporate personas in their design process tend to focus solely on aesthetic aspects of their products.*

5 – Compelling stories are more effective *

User stories with storyboards, steps, and illustrations are more effective than those in simple text format.*

6 – Labelling stories makes the job easier

Giving a short name or code to a story (e.g. A1) allows your team to quickly identify use cases, or even get quick feedback from clients. Tom Brinton* suggests using Google spreadsheets, which is a great tip for cross-team communication.

7 – Good user stories are short and independent *

Stories are meant to simplify processes. They should be (1) as short as possible for easy understanding, and (2) independent from each other so team members can tackle them individually at any time.

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