Development: User-friendly software engineering

Agile Sprint | Angular JS | React | Node JS | VR/AR | Interactive Prototypes

Development: User-friendly software engineering

Agile Sprint | Angular JS | React | Node JS | VR/AR | Interactive Prototypes

To us, development and design serve the same purpose: the success of your business. That’s why we integrate our in-house development team, Use Code, into all our projects.

Our developers at Use Code are fluent in programming languages such as Angular, React, and Node, and master proven methodologies such as Agile and Scrum. They’re the ideal partner to ensure your product is built with an extra attention to design.

Software Development

We develop detail-oriented software for highly specialized industries. Our developers can code for most devices…

From front-end to back-end, our development team takes details seriously. They work side-by-side our designers to ensure solutions are not only functional but perfectly user-friendly.

  • Develop custom solutions in Angular JSNode JSReact, and more
  • Build performing software for desktop computers, mobile devices (iOS, Android), tablets, and embedded systems
  • Collaborate with experienced full-stack developers to accelerate your product releases

Agile Sprints

Reassure your product team with external developers that embrace your own processes and working methodologies…

Development for Virtual/Augmented Reality

Develop software for immersive experiences in various industries and technologies, from 3D marketing to hypervision…

Augmented reality and virtual reality are more possible than ever before. Our design and development team masters several technologies that will make your project realistic and engaging.

  • Build augmented reality apps for iOS and Android
  • Create realistic 3D and 360 experiences
  • Implement projects using ARCoreARKitUnity, and other technology platforms
  • Prototype virtual and mixed reality experiences

Interactive Prototypes

We create high-fidelity prototypes for innovative projects using the latest technologies and development tools available.…

Sometimes building a realistic façade is all you need to grasp the market potential of your project idea. We’ve built hundreds of prototypes that projected users into the future and allowed our clients to take well grounded decisions.

  • Build high-fidelity prototypes for desktop or mobile devices
  • Save time and money by avoiding inefficient development  processes
  • Bring your product ideas to life with engaging animations and tactile interactions
  • Test your innovative ideas with potential users to gather invaluable strategic insights

Some partners who have trusted our development services:

Renault EZ-GO

Both a vehicle and a service, a part of the Smart City ecosystem

Thales Cockpit 2020

Imagine the cockpit of the future

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