10 UX/UI Podcasts to follow

10 UX/UI Podcasts to follow

10 UX/UI Podcasts to follow 1280 720 Use Design

listen to the team’s favorite podcasts 😉👂🏼



capture of the website User Defenders

User Defenders (EN)

As its name suggests, its creator Jason Ogle is a UX designer and user advocate.
This podcast of the user experience lasts about 1 hour. The concept? to share knowledge or questions with a talented and inspiring UX specialist guest.



Logo Parlons DESIGN

Parlons Design (FR)

Created by Romain Penchenat, this series helps to understand what web design is, what tools are used by designers, what a user test is and so much more. The tone is a little formal but the content deals with as many subjects as possible and in French😉



capture of the website Salut les Designers

Salut les Designers (FR)

This is the podcast of the Lunaweb agency, it is about exchanges between professionals and design enthusiasts on all the major themes.



capture of the website UI Breakfast

UI Breakfast (EN)

Hosted by Jane Portman, she asks questions about the user experience that can help a project move forward.



capture of the website UX Podcast

UX Podcast (EN)

Hosted by Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson, this podcast is rather specialized in business media strategy and covers the following topics: cognitive neuroscience, UX strategy, information architecture, integration of light and agile methods, history mapping, etc.



capture of the website High Resolution

High Resolution (EN)

Created by  Bobby Ghoshal and Jared Erondu, it is a limited series containing episodes on product design and design thinking. Through interviews with UX “stars” from the world’s largest companies, we understand the use of UX in these large companies.



capture of the website The Design Better

The Design Better (EN)

A series hosted by Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery and presented by InVision. Gathering discussions on design and all the forms it can take. Podcast divided into 3 seasons with bonus episodes. Each season has its own theme. You will hear from world leaders in design.



capture of the website Users Know

What is wrong with UX (EN)

The podcast by Kate Rutter et Laura Klein discussing how to create good products. They also share funny stories about their careers. Practical advice is provided in each episode.



capture of the website Design Matters

Design Matters with Debbie Millman (EN)

An essential podcast in which you can hear designers, writers, artists, musicians discuss design, culture and creativity.



capture of the website Spheres

Croisements (FR)

This is the podcast of the Spheres agency. The concept? experts from different disciplines meet and exchange on innovation themes. A pepit to discover.


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