UX, product and service design: Dive into design

UX Design | UI Design | Service design | Design Thinking | Design Sprint | Prototypes | Motion design

UX, product and service design: Dive into design thinking

UX Design | UI Design | Service design | Design Sprint | Prototypes | Motion design

We run collaborative workshops and provide your team with the tools for creative problem-solving. During our design process, we find solutions at the intersection of desirability (UX/UI design), feasibility (technology), and viability (business models).

Every solution is then followed up with the utmost attention to detail: user-tested products and services designed to truly impact your business.

Product ideation and creative inspiration

By organizing inspiring and strategic workshops, our team helps you explore ideas with the most……

Effectively ideating with multiple stakeholders is not an easy feat. Our design team knows how to leverage everyone’s potential, regardless of their skill set or background. This allows for inspiring and effective product brainstorming sessions.

  • engage project stakeholders from the beginning of your projects
  • inspire employees to bring their expertise to the table
  • ensure innovative decisions are aligned across departments
  • unlock product potential while considering technical and market constraints
  • streamline your product ideation efforts with strategic criteria

User experience design | UX

Our team designs digital experiences for every industry and device, for both B2C or B2B.…

Whether users are end consumers or employees, performing products require good user experiences. Our designers craft products for any possible digital device, from mobile and desktop applications to industrial embedded systems.

  • make your existing product more efficient and pleasant to use
  • ensure your product respect usability and accessibility principles
  • develop software and apps that are easy to useeasy to learn, and that retain users for longer
  • craft innovating products that are economically and technically viable
  • deliver detailed design specs to your development team

Service design

Through in-depth research and careful testing, our team helps you re-design or create innovative services.…

Successful services are part of a holistic experience. We help clients implement new digital channels and transform the way their customers experience service offers.

  • map holistic customer journeys
  • design new service blueprints
  • prototype and test new services
  • understand complex systems to deliver delightful end-to-end customer experiences

Design Sprint

Intensive projects to help you design, build, and test new prototypes in only 5 days.…

Based on a proven Google Ventures methodology, the Design Sprint is an intensive 5-day project aimed at tackling big product challenges. It’s perfect for companies that want to quickly test the waters before jumping on a big innovative project.

In no more than 5 days:

  • align cross-functional teams with a strategic view of your product challenge
  • leverage different product stakeholders to quickly identify solutions
  • rapidly prototype products, services, or new value propositions that help gather invaluable insights
  • test risky and innovative ideas before going to development phase, saving your team time and money

User interfaces and visual guidelines | UI

Visually compelling designs that translate brand, user, and product strategy — all providing easy implementation.…

Designing interfaces requires a good understanding of industry trends, usability and branding principles. Our UI designers will not only deliver digital products that are visually compelling, but also user-friendly.

  • explore new product aesthetics that resonate with your target audience
  • differentiate your business from competitors with a fresh visual identity
  • highlight your product with a consistent color palettetypographyicons, and meaningful imagery
  • provide your developers with clear and efficient interface guidelines

Design Systems

Develop a design language that will guide your product team throughout all stages of development.…

Some partners who have trusted our design services:

Bic Education

Inventing the Velleda whiteboard of the future

Renault EZ-GO

Both a vehicle and a service, a part of the Smart City ecosystem

Thales Cockpit 2020

Imagine the cockpit of the future

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