Research and insights: Empathize with your customers

User research | Field studies | Human factors research | User tests

Research and insights: Empathize with your customers

User research | Field studies | Human factors research | User tests

We believe research is a necessary step for each project. We can’t solve a problem we don’t understand. That’s why we go out on the field to observe and interview people. Our designers have spent thousands of hours uncovering mental models and emotional reactions. Each hour we spend on research saves dozens of hours down the road.

Market analysis and strategic benchmark

We adopt a strategic perspective on every single project. We help translate and confirm intuitions.…

Creating innovative products and services demands a fresh market perspective. Over the years, our team has implemented various research techniques that uncover market needs, unlock product potential, and help managers make informed strategic decisions.

  • explore and evaluate new market opportunities
  • uncover industry trends and stay ahead of the curve
  • guide product decisions with insightful competitor analysis
  • perform strategic and inspirational benchmarking
  • inform your product team with qualitative and quantitative findings

Human factors research and field studies

We apply several research techniques to ensure your qualitative data is as accurate as possible.…

Personas and user journeys

When based on expert observations, these tools can help your team craft memorable user experiences.…

User research is the best way to truly understand your clients or employees. It allows our designers to immerse themselves in the users’ environment and craft human-centric solutions. Working with us will give you access to the latest and most empathic research techniques.

  • create and update user personas with qualitative user research
  • uncover your user’s needs and pain points
  • understand your customer’s experience with detailed and actionable user journeys
  • interview clients, employees, and market experts
  • share research findings throughout the company to better inform decision-making

User tests

Test prototypes or working products to verify your user’s spontaneous reactions. Leverage insights and adapt…

Being agile requires a lot of trial and error. That’s why user testing is at the core of most successful products. Our design team has led countless tests that helped managers uncover strategic insights to their products. User tests are ideal at any stage of product maturity — from ideation to optimization.

  • ensure your product resonates with your market audience before long development stages
  • validate strategic product hypotheses
  • perform guerrilla user tests with limited budget and time
  • obtain valuable user insights to guide your product development team
  • analyze your product performance with qualitative and quantitative KPIs
  • learn why (and what to do) if your product is not performing as expected

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