Designing the cockpit of the future

A customizable touch dashboard for different flight stages

Demonstrating Thales’ capacity for innovation by using a fully tactile cockpit concept.

At first focused on a Bizjet version, the mission was then extended to the EyesOut version (augmented reality helmet), and finally helicopter.

Artistic direction
Trend board

Find a universe at the intersection of:
Future x Technology x Peformance x Security

Designed with
attention to detail

Without ever compromising the pilot’s information needs and accuracy imperative.

Designed to increase pilot and co-pilot collaboration

The cockpit is re-configured according to the different stages of a flight (preparation, take-off, climb, cruise, descent and landing).

Depending on the stage of the flight, the pilot and co-pilot can display completely different views in front of them.

Design System

Creation of a complete design system and summarize among other things in the form of a poster.

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